Ocean Sci. Discuss., 7, 1703-1737, 2010
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A new assimilation tidal model for the Mediterranean Sea
D. N. Arabelos, D. Z. Papazachariou, M. E. Contadakis, and S. D. Spatalas
Department of Geodesy and Surveying, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 54124 Thessaloniki, Greece

Abstract. The tides for the Mediterranean Sea are described through a high resolution model (MEDI10) developed by assimilation of data into the global TPXO7.2 ocean tide model. Tidal parameters from 54 coastal tide-gauge stations around Mediterranean for eight principal constituents: M2, S2, N2, K2, K1, O1, P1 and Q1 and from 20 stations for M2, S2, K1, O1 are included in the model. TOPEX/Poseidon data with all corrections applied except for the ocean tides and bathymetry from ETOPO2 were used for development of the model. The tidal parameters used in the assimilation procedure were compared with corresponding parameters extracted from the model. Comparisons were carried out with other published global or regional models. Furthermore, an assessment was resulted comparing crossover differences from JASON-1 altimetry corrected for ocean tides using MEDI10 and other published global or regional models.

Citation: Arabelos, D. N., Papazachariou, D. Z., Contadakis, M. E., and Spatalas, S. D.: A new assimilation tidal model for the Mediterranean Sea, Ocean Sci. Discuss., 7, 1703-1737, doi:10.5194/osd-7-1703-2010, 2010.
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